2014 Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 1

2014 Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 1

Hola everyone,

Yesterday our team of Physician Assistants traveled from around the US to Jalapa, Guatemala. After a long and winding drive from Guatemala City to Jalapa we had an amazing welcome dinner prepared by our host family. We then went through all supplies left behind from last year and unpacked and organized all of the medications and supplies needed. Today we visited a mountain village named Carrizal Grande where we treated about 125 patients.

Below are some pictures and here are some thoughts from the team after the first day:

Anna Kawa – Today was the first day of our mission. I’m so happy I got to come here again this year. Beautiful mountains, beautiful people, good team work. So grateful for everything.

Katie Haspeslagh – I was so grateful to get to meet the people that I will always think of as the people in the clouds. They are strong, lovely people.

Melissa Rider – I’ll forever remember this day…my first day of medical practice as a PA-C!! What a privilege to be here in Jalapa with this fine team and delightful patients.

Janine Solano – We were privileged to evaluate an older woman in her late 70′s who shared with us that she was a midwife of the area and just this week had delivered 2 babies. She said her mind was still strong but her body was giving out. The visit became a bonding between caregivers.

Amalia Solano – Amazing opportunity. Such amazing people. Feel so blessed to have this opportunity. Gave me a new zest for medicine.

Todd Cecchini – Extremely long day today – 12+ hours. All patients extremely helpful and courteous. Amazed with how life has been so hard on these natives. Fungal infections run ramped. Many children having children – multiple extremely young children. One woman had 8 children: pregnant and under 30 YOA. Poverty is #1 issue and breaking that cycle is paramount to improve their overall health and well being.

Susan Lewis – Provided many B12 injections and ear cleaning. Helped with some triage and taking blood pressure along with helping with Pharmacy and getting meds for patients.

Terra Wachs – Today was an overall amazing first day of our mission trip. I still cannot believe we are in Guatemala. Today was the first time I have ever taken blood pressure and children’s temperature. It’s great to be able to help others even if I am not providing medical assistance. I am just happy to help in any way I can.

Miranda Dellert - Many of my patients today had borderline hypertensive urgencies. The bewilderment on their face when told to avoid salt – they thought I was trying to starve them!

Team photo 2014
The entire team before leaving for the first village.

Melissa's First Ever Patient as a PA-C
Melissa Rider’s very first patient as a PA-C

Our Translator Rodrigo with one of our PAs, Miranda

Patients from the village waiting to be seen

Amalia and Susan treating a patient

Anna and one of her patients that was excited to get new glasses


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