2014 Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 2

2014 Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 2

Hola everyone,

Today we traveled to the mountain village of San Ignacio and our team saw about 150 patients. Once we got 1 day down we all started to get a groove for how the days would go. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful team in Guatemala this year.

Below are some pictures and here are some thoughts from the team after the second day:

Anna Kawa – Today we went to the village high in the mountains. On the way there we admired the mist…beautiful views. We were rising above the clouds. In the clinic we saw lots of respiratory problems and other very advanced diseases. I was touched by the view of a 47 year old man who suffered with an autoimmune disease that severely deformed his hands, arms and he also suffered deep wounds to his feet. Despite all of that he was very grateful for everything. Another woman was suffering respiratory distress and we were able to provide her care so she could breathe easily upon leaving the clinic. I’m happy we were able to provide her relief – at least for some time.

Katie Haspeslagh – Had a great day! The people were so grateful and kind. I got to see a little boy names Christopher who giggled through his whole exam. He made me laugh and smile.

Melissa Rider – Just a few miles as the crow flies between the villages we visited yesterday and today; but surprisingly different set of symptoms and conditions. This provided excellent insights into the unique micro environments in mountains…and some of the related health issues…for example smoke filled the air of the village upon arrival and we had many patients with respiratory problems.

Janine Solano – Today we saw many young women who looked so much older. One young woman complained that she felt tired all the time and had head pain. When I said she probably worked too hard caring for her 4 children she shared that she did work too hard and that her husband did not understand her feelings and then she started to cry.

Amalia Solano – Another wonderful day! Amazing people who are so thankful for the little we could give them. This really makes you realize the everyday worries we have in the states will never compare to the struggles of the people here. Even with those struggles they come in with smiles and try to give you what little they have as a thank you. Such generosity.

Todd Cecchini – Shorter drive to site. Got started much quicker. We sure are teachable!! Some things about PAs never change. Respiratory morning – 5 pt with respiratory complaints. 1st lady had RR of 48 to start. Anna and Susan did yeoman job to improve pulm function to RR down to 12. Nice village with pleasant residents. Much more severe pathology than day 1.

Susan Lewis – Today was very busy – many hearing issues due to impacted cerumen. Lots of ear cleaning. The day went by very quickly with so much to do!

Terra Wachs – Day 2 went even better than yesterday. I’m finally getting the hang of triage. We saw a lot of patients and met some really amazing people. Everyone is working together really well and we are all welcomed with open arms.

Miranda Dellert - My favorite patient of the day was a 93 year old woman who was so sweet and grateful that she brought me an orange to thank me for helping her. I have a great picture of her happy face and I look forward to seeing that picture for years to come making my heart smile every time.

2014-11-04 09.47.00
Our PA, Todd, and David Sutton interpreting with a patient

2014-11-04 10.47.47
PA, Janine, holding a baby that was being treated

2014-11-04 09.46.34
Noah, from our host family, taking vitals for a patient.

2014-11-04 10.32.51
PA, Katie, giving an eye exam.

2014-11-04 14.52.07
One of our many patients


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