2014 Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 4

2014 Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 4

Hola everyone,

Today we traveled to the mountain village Arloroma & Azucena where our team saw about 135 patients, 100 of which were seen before lunch time! After a few days of diagnosing patients, the team has really begun to get a feel for how to diagnose and treat the patients in Guatemala.

Below are some pictures and here are some thoughts from the team after the fourth day:

Anna Kawa – Another beautiful day. On the way to the village nearby Jalapa, we admired amazing views of the mountains, pastures and blue sky. The clinic was set up in the school gym so we had a lot of space to move around. In the morning we saw 96 patients. Very beautiful, grateful people. At the end of the day one woman came with 5 small children. Because we already closed the clinic she received a pass for only one child to be seen. It turned out that all 5 children were sick. I was so happy we were able to help all of them. May God bless them all. On the way back we stopped at Ice Cream House for homemade ice cream – delicious!

Katie Haspeslagh – What a great village today. Everyone was very appreciative. The children are so beautiful and sweet. I love the way the family members take care of each other.

Melissa Rider – A giant gymnasium was our clinic today. My first patient was 88…the last a family. Mom with her 5 little girls all under 8 years old and all dressed in some flavor of pink! Another heartwarming day at the office.

Janine Solano – An 85 year old woman in traditional dress- her only complaint was her shoulder. When she saw we had glasses she slowly asked for help with her vision. We gave her lenses for far and lenses for near and she went away so, so happy!

Amalia Solano – Helped to take care of a single mom with 4 small children whose husband ran off and left her with nothing. Her and her kids could only afford to eat once a day. To see the smile on the faces of all of them when they received toothbrushes, crayons and meds for their stomach aches made all the struggles of PA school and trials of working in medicine worth it.

Todd Cecchini – Great day. Nice facility. Would have liked to hold clinic out of doors being weather was just gorgeous! Children we saw were so cute! Saw 97 patients in AM clinic alone! Went for ice cream at a local dive and had time to walk to suspension foot bridge for a group picture. Final clinic day tomorrow. Enjoyed Giovanni input today.

Susan Lewis – Another day, another village, right? Wrong! This was by far the busiest and most memorable day so far. Today was the first I felt I actually helped someone. My patients were tough. We worked hard to fix their ears. At times it was a long and painful process but when patients left my station they could hear! A few cried – hopefully with relief not regret.
Today was a day for many hugs, many kisses and many blessings.

Terra Wachs – Today has been a very busy day. I can’t believe how many patients we saw just in the morning! We had a ton of space to work with today which helped speed up the process of getting vitals done and patients seen. After clinic we went to a local place for some ice cream which was so good!

Miranda Dellert – Today I ran the pharmacy and lab, so not as many patient interactions. I gave a vitamin B12 shot to the cutest 6 year old boy who didn’t flinch when I inserted the needle. He gave me a big hug when leaving that was accompanied with an infectious smile with his 2 front teeth missing. I never thought I would have a child actually hug me after injecting a needle in their arm. I think I just met the cutest and sweetest kin in the world!

2014-11-06 09.17.45
The enormous gymnasium we were in

2014-11-06 09.18.43
Melissa checking a child’s eyes

2014-11-06 09.19.17
Todd and Mary, a Guatemala native, teaming up together

2014-11-06 09.20.40
Miranda checking some ears.

2014-11-06 15.16.21
Group shot at the end of the day

Ice Cream!!!


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