PA Spotlight – JoAnn Montecalvo, MPAS, PA-C, FAPACVS

PA Spotlight – JoAnn Montecalvo, MPAS, PA-C, FAPACVS

This year, in celebration of our PA professions 50th anniversary, Certified Medical Educators would like to honor 50 exceptional PAs for their professional accomplishments, passion, and dedication. It is with great excitement that we spotlight JoAnn Montecalvo, MPAS, PA-C, FAPACVS.

“The Vein Whisperer”

JoAnn Montecalvo, MPAS, PA-C, FAPACVS

JoAnn Montecalvo, MPAS, PA-C, FAPACVS

JoAnn Montecalvo is not only one of the most talented and experienced Cardiothoracic Surgery PAs in the nation, but also one of the most kind, thoughtful, and caring individuals you will ever meet.  She is currently the Director of Clinical Operations as well as the Chief PA for the department of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY.  JoAnn has probably been involved with over 10,000 surgeries over the years as well as trained over 1,000 PAs, PA students, or other medical professionals.  She has served on the Scientific Advisory Board, PA Advisory Board, and as a board member of the APACVS.  Her surgeons and patients would surely agree that JoAnn Montecalvo is THE Cardiac Surgery “Vein Whisperer” as her incredible vein harvesting skills (in addition to OR, ICU, procedural and patient care skills) have made her one of our profession’s top Cardiothoracic Surgery PAs.


Birthplace: Berwick, PA

PA Program graduated from: Hershey Medical Center/ Penn State University PA Program

Favorite Sports Team: Pittsburg, Steelers

Mentors who had an influence on you: My brother Anthony, a psychiatrist who introduced me to the PA profession and my father, who taught me what it takes to be a good manager.  Professionally, two cardiac surgeons – Dr. Dale Geiss and Dr. Scott Schubach.

Interesting fact: Medical – “Before endoscopic vein harvesting was invented, I remember using inferior epigastric arteries as conduits to diagonal coronary arteries and having to harvest lesser saphenous veins the open but hard way (experienced Cardiac Surgery PA’s will feel my pain on that one)”.  Non-medical – “When I was in the 4th grade, I traveled to all of the 50 states one summer in an RV with my aunt, uncle, and brother.”

PA Interview Questions:

What are you most proud of from you career: ”Being able to precept and mentor hundreds of PAs and pre PA students over the years”

What advice would you give current PA students: “Study hard; stay focused; the endless job opportunities will make it all worth while at the end”

Where do you see our PA profession in another 50 years: “I would like to see job opportunities increase, more independent practice and hopefully less professional barriers”


“I have known JoAnn for over 11 years and I have NEVER met a person so selfless both professionally and personally.  She truly cares about the PA profession and its advancement.  JoAnn is the most respected Chief PA at our institution because she strives to improve her staff’s working environment any way she can to help them give patients the best medical care”.

- Joanna Cervini, MPAS, PA-C


Certified Medical Educators salutes JoAnn Montecalvo for being an incredible leader, teacher, and PA.

JoAnn Montecalvo

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