PA Spotlight – Robert Philpot, PhD, PA-C

PA Spotlight – Robert Philpot, PhD, PA-C

This year, in celebration of our PA professions 50th anniversary, Certified Medical Educators would like to honor 50 exceptional PAs for their professional accomplishments, passion, and dedication. It is with great excitement that we spotlight Robert Philpot, PhD, PA-C

Robert Philpot, PhD, PA-C

Robert Philpot, PhD, PA-C

Dr. Philpot is a current Professor and Chair of the Department of PA Studies at Mississippi College. However his dedication to PA education spans nearly 20 years, previously serving as a lecturer at the University of Florida PA Program and Chairman of PA Program at South University and Interim Dean of Academic Affairs at South University in Savannah, Georgia. He has dedicated his clinical career to serving under-served rural populations in the areas of Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Additionally he has spoken at numerous conferences and national meetings and is a well-recognized and established author and advocate for the PA Profession.



Birthplace: August, GA

PA Program graduated from: Emory

Favorite Sports Team: University of Florida

Mentors who had an influence on you: “Prior to PA school, it would have to be Don Parsons, PA-C who was a PA in the military who really pushed and inspired me to join the profession. After school, it would have to be Virginia Joshlin, PA-C at Emory”

Interesting fact: ”I play the harmonica professionally”

PA Interview Questions:

What are you most proud of from you career: “Helping to develop the first PA program in the state of Mississippi at Mississippi College”

What advice would you give current PA students: “Keep your eye on the ball. By the time you have been accepted, (we) know you are capable of completing the program, but you need to keep an eye on your coursework and studies and have a good coping system and support system in place”

What book would you recommend every PA student should read: Time to Heal – Kenneth Ludmerer

Where do you see our PA profession in another 50 years: “I would like to see PAs more commonly used in ALL medical settings”

Certified Medical Educators salutes Dr. Philpot for being an incredible leader, teacher, and PA.


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