PA Program 3-day PANCE Board Review Conference Details

Welcome PA students and PA’s who will be attending our conference being held at a PA program,

Thank you so much for registering for our famous PANCE/PANRE board review course.  General conference details are listed including frequently asked questions about our program.  We look forward to meeting you in a few weeks!


General Conference Schedule


Conference Day 0: (Day before Conference starts):  

7 am                      Online Tests 1 & 2 must be completed by this time (see below)


Conference Day 1: Academic Long Day

5:30 am                Registration desk opens (desk closes at 6:30am)

6:45 am                First Lecture of the day

11:15-12:15         Lunch (on own)

5:00 pm               Important Announcements and Test #3 taken in the testing room


Conference Day 2:

7:00 am                First Lecture of the day

11:15-12:15pm    Lunch (on own)

5:00pm                 Important Announcements


Conference Day 3: Final Day

7:00 am                First Lecture of the day

11:15-12:15         Lunch (own own)

5:30 pm                Very Important Announcements and Meeting adjourns

Conference attendance: Live vs. Webiconference

Conference attendees may attend our live conference at the PA program by either physically being in the conference room for the entire 3 days or by participating via Webiconference (live stream via the internet).

Attendees who are physically present in the conference room will be able to complete the online pretests (Tests # 1 and 2) before the conference, complete Test #3 at the conference (self-graded) and answer conference questions (Tests #4-6) with our automatic response systems that uses clickers in the lecture hall.

Webiconference attendees are able to complete the online pretests (Tests # 1 and 2), and may participate in conference Tests # 3-6 (self graded) but automatic response systems can only be used in the actual lecture hall.

Conference Pretests

Tests #1 & #2 (ONLINE TESTS) are required for the 100% Guarantee and can be accessed ABOUT ONE MONTH before the conference on our website under the Registration tab.  Please click the Test #1 or #2 associated with the conference you will be attending.  Each test MUST be completed within 24 hours of starting it.  You may take a small break after each group of 60 questions but MAKE SURE you log out completely when taking a break (otherwise just like the boards, your clock will continue to count down). When taking the tests, we recommend that you do not look up questions/answers.  And remember, take only one minute per questions as that is all you will be given on the boards.

Tests #1 & #2 (ONLINE Tests) MUST be completed anytime up to TWENTY-FOUR HOURS BEFORE THE CONFERENCE STARTS (ie. if the conference starts on May 15th at 7 am, Tests #1 & #2 must be completed by 7 am on May 14th.) You will not be able to access these two online tests after the time they are due. Please mark this down on your calendars or schedule this on your smart phones NOW as we will not be able to send a reminder before the conference.

THE PASSWORD FOR YOUR CONFERENCE TEST #1 AND TEST #2 IS: certmeded (all lower case, this will only work for YOUR registered conference Test #1 and #2)  YOU MUST KEEP THIS PASSWORD IN A SAFE PLACE AS WE CANNOT GIVE IT TO ANYONE WHO CALLS OUR OFFICE.  When you first log on to take tests #1 and #2 you will be asked to create a password of your choosing.  If you experience any difficulties entering your password, you must EITHER use the original password: certmeded OR the new password you created.

Conference Tests

Test #3 is a 100 question (~90min) paper and pen conference test that will be given at the end of the Conference Day #1 immediately when the conference ends around 5pm.

Tests #4-6 will actually occur during the conference.  We start and finish each lecture with 5 of our Rapid Fire Questions and also give additional practice questions at end of each day.

Test #7 is a post conference online test that will be discussed at the conference on the last day.


Conference CD's

Test #3 i


Test Results

Test #3



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