Guatemala Medical Mission – Day 3

Guatemala Medical Mission – Day 3


Jana Ware – Man, am I out of shape! Today, we did a half a day in the town of La Paz where we saw over 150 patients in less than 6 hours! It’s amazing what team work can do. Then, we went to the private park of Pino Dulce to go ziplining and hiking. The beauty of this country will never cease to amaze me. The breathtaking views over the valley made me appreciate this experience even more. Do I have to leave?

Theresa Borrelli – Today was filled with so many different adventures. The day started out in La Paz seeing a lot of patients in a very short amount of time since today was only a half day. It was interesting to start seeing how different the people in each village are compared to the others. After we finished seeing patients in La Paz we went to Pino Dulce to go zip lining and for a hike. I have always had the biggest fear of heights but I knew I would never get to go zip lining in Guatemala, so I conquered my fear and I am glad I did! The view was absolutely breathtaking!! Going over the valley and the road was amazing! Today’s experience was one I will never forget!

Kaylin Petrosky – Today was quite an amazing experience! In the town of La Paz we saw about 150 patients and had even had to turn many people down because it was our day to go out and enjoy Guatemala! Many of the patients we saw were grateful for anything and everything we gave them– from antibiotics to toothbrush and soap. Then it was time for some fun!! We went to a local “park” as they call it and took a hike. The view was amazing but the hike was a little rough because it was very steep! At the bottom there were beautiful waterfalls so it made the hike worth it! And finally we did zip lining!! It was such a great experience to zip line over the mountains and see the spectacular view of Guatemala. Looking forward to another amazing day tomorrow!!

Olivia Piacentini – I think I’ve exhausted my vocabulary of all words synonymous with amazing and it’s only day three. Not only do I feel blessed by this opportunity but also by the kind spirit of Guatemala’s people. Patients are beyond grateful for everyday items that our society may take for granted. Additionally, I am proud and impressed by our team for the improvements we have made from day to day, though they have all been excellent. The zipline experience was a first and one I hope to repeat,  much like this trip. I was relieved that my iPhone recorded DNR was not needed after my new found fear of heights. Lastly, I’m a very proud sister; I credit my little brother Nico for his football achievement.

Donna Balewick – I’ve always told my students that my MD stands for “mama duck.” Today my ducklings made me sooo proud.  They ran their own exam stations enabling me to float between them answering questions and teaching.  I tried to be their “gopher”–go fer this, go fer that…I was the lone healthy non-zip liner, a bad shoulder kept me from considering it.  Instead my adventure involved a port-o-let and a trio of geese attacking me when I got out.  Buggers.

Whitney Strong – One of the main complaints that we see here is pain. It amazes me that the people receive B-complex vitamin injections for every ailment that could present to them. It is great to be able to provide patient education and help them understand personal health and sanitation a bit better. I must say, the one thing I am the most thankful for is the cohesiveness of the team and the teamwork we are displaying. I could not have asked for a better team of providers and students to work with – so blessed!!

Wendy Rand – Today wasn’t one of the best days for me. Unfortunately, I stayed behind today due to some GI adjustments to the country and its food. However, I look forward to the next few days and the many more experiences that lie ahead.  Tomorrow is another day!

Angie Steffen – The day started with two men down, and I was worried if we would still be able to see all the patients who were “scheduled” with numbers. Somehow, short Mike and Wendy to GI problems, we successfully treated over 150 patients in just half a days time, though many had to be turned away… There were many love-munchkin babies, snuggly raisins (a term of endearment to describe the aging population), and all those in between needing care. Patients presented with all types of conditions: scabies, ringworm, lice, unknown pregnancy, GERD, radiculopathy and the most common two problems: muscle pain and vitamin deficiency. Everyone was so grateful saying: “God Bless You, God Bless You.” in Spanish for the care and medicine we offered… The second half of the day was filled with lots of laughter as we were able to go zip-lining. I cleverly fashioned a “Bra-Cam” to take videos during the zip-line hands-free. 5 minutes into the taping, I realized the bra-cam was backwards, and thus filming my skin and not the beautiful scenery. After a good laugh and hilarious commentary all caught on the recording, I turned the camera around for some unique footage! :)

Michael Nowak – similar to Wendy, I also did not have a good day.  My overnight was sent praying to the porcelin god but by morning the zofran and phenergan finally kicked in.  I slept most of the day and was happy to eat toast for dinner.  Have to get better because we have about 600 more patients to see in the next 2 days.










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