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Certified Medical Educators is extremely proud to host a yearly week-long Medical Mission Trip that provides free medical care to the medically underserved in Jalapa, Guatemala.  Over the years, we have taken hundreds of PA students or others interested to provide acute and chronic medical care, mostly in the poor mountain villages.  In 2021, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary trip and received a special humanitarian award from the Governor of Guatemala.  


Day 1 – Travel Day, after dinner the team will organize equipment and medications for the week  

Each day we travel to a mountain village (aldea), group center, or small community hospital in the area of Jalapa, Guatemala to provide free medical care

The last day is spent in the tourist city of Antigua, Guatemala

FAQ #1: How many people do you take on a trip?  We usually take about 15 interested individuals on each trip which includes various students, professionals, and non-medical individuals.  As we are heavily involved with PA education, there are often many Pre-PA or PA students from various schools who come each year. 

FAQ #2: Is this a good experience for students including PA students?  Absolutely.  Throughout the years, we have had many students attend and many have come back years later.  All team members will be provided education on their roles and PA students will be able to evaluate and treat patients with the help of experienced clinicians.

FAQ #3: How much does the trip cost?  Our Medical Mission trip is extremely inexpensive at only $1,500 which includes room and board, meals, daily group transportation, translators, and a hostel in Antigua for our last day.  Other organizations currently charge $3,000 or more for this similar experience.  A deposit of $300 is required at least 6 months prior and final payment is required 3 months prior to the trip.  Airfare is not included in the fee and needs to be individually booked. As a bonus, each team member will receive a set of monogrammed scrubs.

FAQ #4: Will everything I need to bring fit in my carry-on suitcase?  Yes, everything you need to bring will fit in your carry-on suitcase. You will not need to pack much but we do recommend that you bring clothes for the week, phone charger, stethoscope & otoscope (medical personnel only), and a little bit of spending money for the touristy city of Antigua. 

FAQ #5: Would Dr. Nowak bring his young daughter on the trip?  Absolutely.  This is a nice way of saying the trip is safe.  We stay with an American family who moved from Texas ~25 years ago and now runs an orphanage for battered women and children in Guatemala.

FAQ #6: How do I sign up to come on the next trip?  Please sign up early by emailing us at if you are interested in being part of this incredible experience.  

Medical Mission Trip check list:

6 months before the trip: 
Online group meeting will discuss an overview of the trip.  Other than standard routine vaccinations, only Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended if you do not have it.  This is also a great time to review your passport including the expiration date or obtain one if needed.

3 months before the trip: 
Online group meeting will further review the upcoming trip details.  An overview of the Guatemalan culture will be provided and the team will get to see a memory book of our 10-year Anniversary Medical Mission Trip. Airfare should be booked around this time.

1 month before the trip: 
Final online group meeting will discuss the daily routine of the group while in Guatemala, review some commonly used medications, and discuss what you will need to pack for your carry-on suitcase.


We are very proud to have helped over 10,000 medically underserved people in Guatemala for over a decade now.  Any donation received is applied to purchasing medications, medical equipment, and lots of eyeglasses, walkers, and wheelchairs for the elderly.  All donations are greatly appreciated and can be given by Venmo, GoFundMe, or a check made out to CME Medical Mission Trip to our address: 801 Brookwood Lane, Maryville, TN 37801.  

Jalapa, Guatemala


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