2013 Guatemala Medical Mission Trip – Day 3

2013 Guatemala Medical Mission Trip – Day 3

Today was a wonderful hybrid day of both enjoyable geriatric patient care mixed with an hour long hike to the waterfalls and zip-line adventure.

See the pictures below as well as the comments from today:

Michael Nowak -  We started our day traveling to a Nursing Home where the residents there often do not receive any medical care.  Geriatric pathology is fascinating! Besides the medical care, we also brought shampoo, toothbrushes/paste, and a special treat of baby Ian, a 9 month old orphan for the residents to hold and enjoy!  Later we all enjoyed our week’s worth of cardiac exercise on a long hike followed by a zip-line adventure.

Ashton Burns – Today was a great day at the nursing home.

Anna Kawa – Today was very exciting day! In the morning we went to the nursing home to see all residents there. We took  Ian, 9-month old foster baby of Dave and Julie. This was a joy to see all those elderly holding a small baby in their arms – their faces just lit up! I got so many hugs!!! In the afternoon  we went for a “small” hike – not!! We walked up and down the beautiful wooded area and breathed  refreshing air in the foggy air. The hallmark of the day was zip – lining!! – Loved it – 12 lines with the walk on  the hanging bridge – it was scary but ….I was so excited  I could do it!!  Can’t wait what tomorrow will bring..

Diann – Wow! Another wonderful day. To the nursing home today where we heard unbelievable stories of Guatemalan lifetimes.  I cannot express in words what today was like.  We were told these nursing home patients were cast aside to the nursing home to die. They have no medicine and sleep in a common room.  I received more genuine hugs from patients today than I have in the last 15 years!  What a blessing to meet and care for these special people.

Patrice Cote – Today was a change of pace. We spent the morning in a home for the elderly . We started by seeing the residents and when they were done we even saw some of the facilities workers for evaluation. After the nursing home, we came back to the house and packed more supplies the next few days. We then took a trip WAY up in the mountains to a hiking park and zip-line course. It was really fun to get to see more of Guatemala’s beautiful landscape. Again, I took lots of pictures to capture the day and I can’t wait to show everyone the impressive views.

Alison Mueller – We started our day at the Monjas nursing home. We treated very sick patients with multiple complex medical problems. The nursing home is not funded and lacks not only medications but also routine medical supplies such as glucometers.   I saw the worse venous stasis ulcer that I have only seen in text books. The elderly were so grateful for our visit wanting to come back and hug us a second time! It was an eye opening experience to see such sick patients yet in great spirits! After seeing patients in the morning we had the afternoon off. We traveled to Pino Delce for a beautiful  hike and have some fresh air and vitamin D! It was nice to experience and see the Guatemalan rain forest. Today was wonderful but boy am I tired. This is the hardest I have ever worked in my life. I am missing my husband today and I wish he was here with me so we could be experiencing this wonderful adventure together!  I can’t wait for tomorrow; we are heading out early to travel to another remote mountain village! Adios!

Cheryl Ann Lugiano- This morning we went to the nursing home to visit our elderly patients.  They were very appreciative of the care we provided them.  In the afternoon we went for a “walk.” The walk consisted of hills and declines with slippery rocks and log bridges.  It was not a traditional hike I thought of however it was again BEAUTIFUL.  We were surrounded by nature’s beauty in the landscape and waterfalls.  I enjoyed the outdoors and did some childhood teeter totter. Again, a great day in Guatemala! Be sure to read Patrice and Alyssa’s blog to read about their adventures on the hike!!

Alyssa Szenasi – Today we went to the Nursing Home to treat patients. The patients in the nursing live 20 to a room. The nursing home does not even have a glucometer. I saw a patient with the worst pterygium, an eye disorder that is an overgrowth that begins to invade the pupil. I also saw a patient with a wrist deformity, he states his watch was stolen then his wrist was broken, just terrible. Then we went to Pino Dolce, for a “walk,” more like a hike. I being the shoe addict, only brought 3 pairs of shoes which did not include sneakers, so I hiked the Guatemalan rain forest in yellow ballet flats, always on trend. It had beautiful waterfalls and scenery, but it was treacherous at times. Of note is it at an altitude of 8500ft, it takes adjusting.  Then some people went zip lining, I was just a spectator. We were getting ready to leave and I told Rachel, the missionaries daughter to pay for her hike and tried to practice my Spanish, and say  ”30 quetzales (their money ) I said “30 consuelos” (the Spanish word for vibrators). Of course I said vibrators and didn’t know it! Crazy Gringos!!! Another excellent day here in Guatemala. Adios!

Cindy McDonald – Hola! Today was another great day in Guatemala! We went to the  local nursing home, where there are about 20 beds per room, and took care of some very grateful residents.  I spent a lot of time taking care of our host families foster baby, Ian. Ian was found in a box covered in red rags in an alley at appox 8 hours of age, and taken in by our host family, the Suttons.  They are in the process of adopting him, but currently, he spends time between their house, and the “safe house”- a house for abused or abandoned children- Ian has travelled many places with us, and has really been a beautiful little lovebug to hug on while here, and we call him our little “mascot.”" The remainder of the day was so fun, we had some downtime, went hiking in a beautiful location which resembled a rainforest, and some of our group decided to zipline ( not myself).Overall, it was a very exciting, rewarding day. I miss my boys like crazy, but know I will be home soon!  Hasta Manana!




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