2014 Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 3

2014 Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 3

Hola everyone,

Today we traveled to the Home for the Elderly in Monjas where our team saw about 55 elderly patients. In the afternoon we were able to have some fun at Parque Pino Dulce which is a state park with 12 zip lines, tetherball, a small soccer field and a few other fun games.

Below are some pictures and here are some thoughts from the team after the third day:

Anna Kawa – Today we went to the nursing home. We took children from the Safe House for residents to play with them. It was such a joy to see residents faces light up to see them and hold them. I was trying to help some patients today but as I saw how many people were lined up for ear cleaning I jumped to help Susan…so it turned into wax removal day. All that among wandering around hens and a cat. In the afternoon we went to the park and zip lined, playing, relaxing. It was a wonderful day.

Katie Haspeslagh – Had a great day today. I really felt like we were helping the residents. Zip lining was awesome! What a great time!

Melissa Rider – Our clinic today was set up in the smoky kitchen of a nursing home. Patients filed in using canes, standard wheelchairs and wheelchairs modified with seats fashioned from white plastic lawn furniture. Given the large tables in the room, numerous wheelchairs, the nursing home staff and our group of care providers…the kitchen was packed full…but still a chicken managed her way into the crowd dashing under foot and char and wheel.

Janine Solano – That was the first time that I have seen patients with chickens running through the room and a little old lady getting a manicure next to me. The room was full of life and love.

Amalia Solano – Saw an elderly man who complained of “pain in his joints” especially his arm. When I looked down he had a completely deformed wrist. Come to fin d out he fell off a house working and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor 15 years prior. Hope the little we could give him would provide a small bit of relief.

Todd Cecchini – Nice roads in route to NH. Saw 37 patients! Sad that families leave loved ones at facilities like these to just go away. Found one patient crying that was dropped off by family 15 days ago without any contact. Orphanage children, who went with us, encouraged him to walk the grounds and picked a bouquet of flowers! The sensitivity of children never ceases to amaze me!!!

Susan Lewis – Today we visited a nursing home in Monjas. I love working with the elderly. They have so many experiences to share. I cleaned the ears of an elderly gentleman who jumped a little which caused me to do the same and we both laughed. Later we went to Parque Pino Dulce, a beautiful state park. I tried zip lining for the first time and I was terrified! I only went on 1 line. Maybe I’ll be more brave some other time.

Terra Wachs – So far today has been my favorite day of the trip. We went to a nursing home in Monjas where we saw about 37 patients and then went to Pino Dulce to zip line through the mountains. I was a little nervous at first but had a blast. We kicked around a soccer ball and took silly pictures together. Lots of laughs today.

Miranda Dellert – The nursing home was so dirty and I’m sure just an extension of how everyday living is for many Guatemalans. Chickens were running around our “clinic”along with a kitten and dog. So much different than the sterile environment we are used to. Zip lining today as well – what a blast!!!

2014-11-05 10.17.27
Todd giving an exam

2014-11-05 11.08.38
Susan perfoming an ear cleaning

2014-11-05 10.22.24
A patient with an extremely bad infection

2014-11-05 12.40.02
The entire team at the nursing home

Part of the team right before the zip line adventure


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