PA Spotlight – Sheryl Alexander, PA-C, D.C.

PA Spotlight – Sheryl Alexander, PA-C, D.C.

This year, in celebration of our PA professions 50th anniversary, Certified Medical Educators would like to honor 50 exceptional PAs for their professional accomplishments, passion, and dedication. It is with great excitement that we spotlight Sheryl Alexander, PA-C, D.C.


Sheryl Alexander, PA-C

Sheryl Alexander, PA-C

Dr. Sheryl Alexander was a practicing Chiropractor for 25 years before she decided to go back to become a Physician Assistant.  She spent time in Hawaii for most of her undergraduate education and earned her chiropractic degree in Los Angeles. Prior to her career as a chiropractor Sheryl was a scuba instructor all around the world with Club Med. She opened and ran seven clinics in Las Vegas area, before selling them and moving to Montana where she continued practicing as a chiropractor and transitioned to medicine. Sheryl’s first job after PA school was in Primary Care and a few years later she was recruited to work in Cardiology where she currently practices.  She still practices as a chiropractor on weekends but her real passion is education, whether teaching and mentoring students and ultimately would like to transition into PA academia. Sheryl is currently married and has a daughter in 8th grade.


Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

PA Program graduated from: University of North Dakota School of Medicine

Favorite Sports Team: Not a big team sports fan

Mentors who had an influence on you: Dr. David Jinich, Interventional Cardiologist

Interesting fact: Sheryl is an avid golfer and if were able to, would be on the course seven times a week

PA Interview Questions:

What are you most proud of from you career: ”I’m most proud of my interaction with patients, that I am able to give them optisim for the future, that they fully understand their diagnosis and even feel hopeful when it’s a poor prognosis – its those moments I am most proud of”

What advice would you give current PA students: “Definitely, DEFINTELY do primary care for 1-3 years after graduation”

Where do you see our PA profession in another 50 years: “A bit more independent of the supervising physician while still being part of the health care team”

Certified Medical Educators salutes Sheryl Alexander for being an incredible leader, teacher, and PA.



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