I took both (your) 3-day and (the competitors) 5-day Board Review courses and YOUR 3-day course was so much more helpful. After your course I felt confident & ready for the test. After taking the (competitors) “5-day Chicago review course”, I felt overwhelmed, stressed & burned out. I highly recommend your course.
Jessica Sheehan – Neurosurgery
Great Course, very helpful & Entertaining!! Very knowledgeable & approachable instructors. All handouts very well organized & lecturers easy to follow. Great illustrations. Will recommend to everyone! Thank You.
Robin Ray – ER / Women’s Health
A great comprehensive review presented in a way most conductive for learning and great pearls for remembering things we don’t often see in our specialized practices. The practice tests are probably the most helpful to help guide which areas need more attention. Would definitely recommend for anyone taking the PANCE or PANRE. Very organized, nice meals, great handouts & lecturers.
Karen Farra – Cardiology
I highly recommend this to anyone. A great 3 days spent with some amazing people. The amount of information and topics covered refreshed my memory. This conference helped to organize what I really need to study. I will revisit CME when I need to recertify. Thank You for putting together a great course!
Fallynne Shannon – Fall River, MA
I am so pleased that I decided to take this Board Review. The days were intense but absolutely 100% worth it! Mike makes the lectures full of everything you need to know while keeping you entertained. Can’t wait to come back for recertification and CME’s!
Angela Lore – Primary Care
Excellent Course! Much better than Emory DVD’s. I learned so much & retained it. I will definitely come back for CME’s & for Recertification Review.
Marisa Vallone – Emergency Medicine
Great job relating the information to clinical practices. Engaged the audience well and made the information easier to understand. Very knowledgeable.
Beth Prince, Frewsburg, NY
Good command of the materials and students attention. Was also very effective in simplifying complicated material while keeping it interesting.
Erin Collins, Monroeville, PA
Very thorough when presenting material. Provided a full spectrum of information from the basics to the pertinent details.
Lauren Trapp, Brainerd, MN
Very enjoyable 3 day class. It was affordable as well as extremely informative! The material covered was well organized and easy to learn! Absolutely recommend to people recertifying or first time PANCE takers.
Nicole Polke, PA, Cheshire, CT
Definitely worth the money! If you have a busy work and home life and minimal time to study, this conference is what you are looking for.
Brie Ann Crowther, PA-C, W.Amherst, NY
The review course was completely worth every second of time. It took years of material down to one easy to read note book (not so overwhelming) and held true to the promise….my boards were passed! Awesome job!
Kayla Emerick MPAS, PA-C, Bedford, PA
Organized lectures and handouts. Lots of reference to board questions. Excellent lecturers, easy to listen to. Overall this is a must for preparing for the boards!
Jamie Witt, PA-C, Zimmerman, MN
Excellent Course. Instructors are well-qualified. Material is well-organized. Pre-test, post-test and handouts made for a great learning experience.
Kathie Bolenbach, MMS, PA-C, Mountain, WI
GREAT!! Well organized, thorough coverage, relaxed, friendly. Appreciated the interactive atmosphere. Would recommend for anyone preparing for the PA Boards. Great Price – You get more than your money’s worth.
Jeffery Henderson, PA-C, Hoisington, KS
Very well organized. Lectures were concise and informational. The class was money well spent. They gave awesome reviews of buzz words, while cleaning out the fat and extraneous material. Highly recommend.
Jeremy Fisher, PA-C – Family Medicine
Although this is an intense lecture with detailed review/information, the speakers remained energetic, confident, enthusiastic and kept it interesting. I commend the CME team for the organization and prompt response to questions. I will highly recommend this review and see you in 6 years! Thank you.
Cheri Tomasino, PA-C – Interventional Cardiology
Overall, great experience! Impressed at the amount of material covered over such a short time. Very good presenters. I will definitely use CME in the future for PANRE preparation!
Brooke Buckeentine, PA-C – Des Moines University
Great review, presentations were excellent. I have learned and reviewed more at this conference than any of the others I have attended. Thank you for your time and effort.
Stephanie Walker, PA-C – Urgent Care
Great review class, Michael does a great job. Like the 3 day review vs. 5 days. Previously attended other review courses and I prefer this class – more focused on pearls and keys to exam. Thank you.
Sheryl Lucier, PA-C – Dermatology
This was well worth the money & time – much better than all the wasted time at other meetings.
Barb Patterson, PA-C – Internal Medicine
There were a variety of learning tools used which made the lectures more interesting.
Deanna Gindlespuger, Johnstown, PA
I loved how the mechanisms of action with processes in the body were explained which eliminated the struggle of memorization.
Sara Pickett, Golden, CO
The best PA exam prep course that I’ve taken. I’ll look for the next CME courses offered!
Janice Beazley, PA-C – Orthopedics/Physiatry
Great Program! Will definitely recommend to fellow PA’s & students. I look forward to taking this review again in the future!
Leah Zamoysky, PA-S – Nova Southwestern University
I really loved this course, happy to have a more condensed view of the PANCE. The review was very entertaining, knowledgeable and a great study environment. Worth the money!
Sara Mow, PA-C – Primary Care
What an amazing review! Quick summary of medical conditions, right to the point! I am extremely glad I came, Thank You!
Danelle Foulks, PA-C – Central Michigan University
Great lectures to the point. Well worth it, I would definitely come again.
Greg Zaporzan, PA-C – Orthopedics
This was an amazing review! I feel much more prepared for taking the PANCE! I am very glad I took this course as well as participated in the workshops! The summary review sheets are an excellent resource!”
Cassie Burke, PA-S – Central Michigan University
Great program. Very well organized. I would return in the future. All of your hard work is easily noticed and very much appreciated.
Daniel Vikartosky, PA-C – Neurosurgery
I attended a 5 day review course right out of PA school. This was much better. Quick review, good basic points.
Amanda Formolo, PA-C – Emergency Medicine

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