Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Certified Medical Educators the new GOLD STANDARD in PANCE/PANRE Board Review & CME?

Our PASSION for education is why THOUSANDS of PAs have switched from attending other courses to ours.  Unlike many PA board review companies that are owned by NON-PAs, Certified Medical Educators is By PAs, for PAs.  Our program director and founder, Michael Nowak, DMS, MPAS, PA-C, FAASPA, is dedicated to helping everyone succeed in passing their national boards.

What is Certified Medical Educators pass rate?

We are very proud of our INCREDIBLE pass rate of almost 99% for those who complete our entire course.

What is your PANCE/PANRE board review webiconference with price as low at $295?

Certified Medical Educators is proud to offer our inexpensive 3-day 100% Guaranteed PANCE/PANRE board review courses at least once or twice monthly around the country. The price of these 3-day conferences is only $350 for students (recent grads) and $425 for PAs.  If PAs or students are looking to save hundreds of additional dollars in airfare, hotel sleep rooms, dinners, etc. they can now attend these same live conferences from their home or work computer over the internet via our CetMedEd Webiconference. The price of this live webiconference is only $295 for students (recent grads) and $395 for PA’s/others.

What is the difference between your attending your live conference and attending your live webiconference online?

The short answer is not very much. All attendees will receive a CME certificate for our 26 hour conference, digital comprehensive study guide with all our powerpoint slides (including Derm pics in color, EKG’s, etc.) and access to the 400 pretest questions, questions during the conference, and online posttest questions. Participants physically at the conference will also be able to answer questions with automatic response system clickers to make it more interactive. As we feel that it is very important to focus on board review material, our 100% Guarantee is only given to those who physically attend our 3-day conferences. 

CME & Workshops

How many CME hours is the course approved for?

Certified Medical Educators is proud to offer you up to 32 hours of AAPA Category 1 CME for attending any of our 3-day conferences.  Our 3-day main conference includes 26 hours of Category 1 CME and Workshops are optional with each offer two additional hours of Category 1 CME.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Absolutely, at the end of the course when you hand in your final evaluation you will receive your certificate of completion.  We HIGHLY recommend storing an electronic copy (scanned in) of your certificate on a secure FREE online system like Dropbox, click here to begin.  Dropbox allows you to store all your important documents (licenses, certifications, CME, etc.) as well as pictures, powerpoints, etc.  You can access and update these files from any computer or smartphone.

CME 1,000 Test Questions

How many questions are covered throughout the course?

There are over 1000 questions that are broken down into 7 tests:

  1. Pretests – test #1 and test #2 are each 200 question ONLINE tests that must be completed by 7am the day before the conference starts.  Instructions and password are listed on the confirmation page (last page of online registration) when you complete your online conference registration.
  2. Conference Test (test #3) – a 100 question paper test taken at the conference.  Attendees have an option of this test on EITHER: Day 0 of the conference (night before the conference starts between 5pm-8pm), or Day 1 of the conference (anytime between 5:30pm-9pm).  This test ONLY needs to be taken ONCE and can be taken in designated areas.
  3. Rapid Fire Questions (tests #4-6) – three ~100 question tests given during and throughout the conference.
  4. Post Test (test #7) – a 200 question ONLINE test that must be completed within 3 days after the conference ends.

Do I need to complete all the 1,000 practice board questions?

While most people come to the conference for preparation for the boards, some only come for the high quality CME. The practice board questions are of course optional but we do require them to be completed for the 100% Guarantee (see below).

Will I receive answers for the practice board questions?

YES! The day after the conference you will receive the answers for the pretests and conference test. Posttest answers will be given after it is completed.  Our CME Rapid Fire Questions™ (300 other questions) are our own original & special learning tool created by Certified Medical Educators, Inc. You will actually review these questions 3 times (when given at the start of the lecture, covered in the content of the lecture and again at the end of the day when we review all of the day’s rapid fire questions) but we do not distribute these questions.

100% Guarantee

What are your 100% Guarantee Details?

We are proud to be the ORIGINAL Physician Assistant PANCE/PANRE Board Review Course to offer clinically working PA-C and recent PA students (within 6 months of graduation) a 100% Guarantee. If by some chance you do not pass your PANCE/PANRE, we will refund your money minus food/hotel costs and a $50 administration fee. To be eligible for the 100% Guarantee, you must attend the entire conference, take your PANCE/PANRE within six weeks of the conference and complete all 1,000 questions on time and with valiant effort (65% pass).   

Do I need to attend the entire 26 hour conference for the 100% Guarantee?

We are more than willing to work with our great attendees but yes we kindly ask that all attendees stay to the end of our conference.  We promise that we will be done by 4:45pm on Day 3 of the conference :)

When is the best time to take the PANCE/PANRE after taking your course?

We recommend taking the exam about 2 weeks after taking our course. This will give you time to review our notes as well as other reference sources. This is not only our recommendation but the recommendation of thousands of PAs who have taken our course and passed the boards.  If you work in a specialty and are NOT involved with any primary care, you may want to study a little longer and take your boards about 3-4 weeks after completing our course.